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Hyper-Realistic 3D Drawings By Sushant S Rane

Indian Artist Sushant S Rane Creates Incredible Hyper-Realistic 3D Drawings

Mumbai-based artist Sushant S Rane creates incredible hyper-realistic 3D drawings. Sushant creates his art inspired by everyday objects like Spoons, Bulbs, Glasses, Scissors, Cans, Fried Eggs and many more. Sushant uses Copic markers and Graphite pencils and usually he takes two to three days to finish one artwork. Scroll down…

Dorathe Victor – One Of The Most Inspiring Self-Taught Artists From India

Interviewed by Prashanth Swaminathan Dorathe Victor is an young artist from the city of Chennai, South India. Her art works are intense and visually pleasing. In this interview, let’s get to know more about this passionate artist. You can find Dorathe Victor on the Web: Behance Facebook Hi Dorathe, can…

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