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Pulitzer Prize For Photography

In Focus: 30 Pulitzer Prize-Winning Images And Their Powerful Stories

Behold these 30 remarkable images, each a Pulitzer Prize-winning testament to the artistry and courage of photojournalism. These photographs encapsulate history in its rawest form, capturing moments that inspire, uplift, and sometimes shock. The photographers behind these iconic shots have skillfully portrayed events that resonate with the human spirit. Pulitzer…

Heart Touching Photos Reveal How Refugee Children Today Are Same as Those From World War II

Check these heart touching photographs how refugee children today are same as those from World War II. All images and captions via © UNICEF. Learn more about the refugee and migrant crisis in Europe. You can find UNICEF on the Web: Website, Facebook, Tumblr, Donate (For more info Medium, MyModernMet)  …

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