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Photographer Observing The Life Of The Fox From The Past 8 Months And Captured Never-Seen-Before Behavior

Award-winning Hungarian photographer Milan Radisics observing the life of Roxy the fox from the past 8 months and captured never-seen-before behavior. Milan is a National Geographic contributor with 12 published stories in national editions of the magazine. His stories also appeared in BBC Wildlife Magazine,Terra Mater and Maptia, to name…

Zen Foxes: Photographer Roeselien Raimond Captures Beautiful Wild Foxes Enjoying Themselves

Zen Foxes: Photographer Captures Beautiful Wild Foxes Enjoying Themselves

Renowned Dutch nature photographer Roeselien Raimond who expert in capturing amazing photos of wild foxes. The below photos are the finest examples of how wild foxes are experts at enjoying the little things in life. In Roeselien Raimond words “I love them best when they’re totally at ease: free from…

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