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Teresa Queiros - Fine Art Portrait Photographer

This 20-Year-Old Photographer Captures Fantastic Portraits With Extraordinary Natural Light

Meet a talented artist who is making waves in the world of photography – a twenty-year-old photographer Teresa Queirós with a unique ability to capture fantastic portraits using extraordinary natural light. With an eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, this young photographer transforms moments into timeless works of…

Alex Benetel – 22 Years Old Australian Photographer Who Excels in Fine Art Photography

Alex Benetel: 22 Years Old Australian Photographer Who Excels In Fine Art Photography

How do I explain such photographs, shall we call them as lines from the diary of a young woman which has taken its shape as a photograph. Well it could be, this is Alex Benetel from Australia. Currently pursuing her studies, very clear in her thoughts and process of arts and then…

Frank Machalowski & his Other Worldly Photographs of Exotic Animals

Frank Machalowski & His Other Worldly Photographs Of Exotic Animals

Phenomenal compositions of some surreal and exotic wild animals taken and composited over the backdrop of misty forests of central Germany. Frank Machalowski kindles the viewer’s world of art and the essence of photography through these admirable creations of pure brilliance. In this Interview, Frank explains his techniques, shows his…

My Personal Best: Fine Art Photographer Thanos Savvidis

My Personal Best: Fine Art Photographer Thanos Savvidis

Taking photographs is a personal creation and expression. It has its own language, codes, and conventions. Photography can be free from rules and boundaries, liberating the artist to externalize feelings, thoughts, and emotions while his/her work remains open to different readings. I was born in Pafos (Cyprus) in 1972. I…

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