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Funny Photos Of Cats Are Masterful Ninjas

25 Photos That Show How Cats Are Masterful Ninjas

Cats have a natural curiosity and sense of adventure that can lead them to some interesting and hilarious situations. Whether they’re jumping to impossible heights, squeezing into impossibly small spaces, or just giving us their best “I’m innocent” face after getting caught doing something naughty, cats never cease to surprise…

Beautiful Love Of Cats And Babies

20 Endearing Photos Of Cats And Babies Showing The Purest Form Of Love

Cats and babies are both known for their adorable and innocent qualities and when you combine them, the results are simply heartwarming. There’s something about the bond between cats and babies that is truly magical and special, and these 20 photos capture the purest form of love between these furry…

Comedic Stray Cats On The Streets By Masayuki Oki

This Japanese Photographer Captures Comedic Stray Cats On The Streets

Japanese photographer Masayuki Oki captures comedic stray cats on the streets. This Tokyo-based photographer is not your usual street photographer, instead of photographing urban landscapes, street style, or architecture, his lens targets the cute little wanderers of Tokyo. He fills his social media pages with his quirky and often hilarious…

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