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Stavros Stamatiou – Brilliant Street Photographer from Greece

Stavros Stamatiou: Brilliant Street Photographer From Greece

One cannot simply resist these photographs, an ordinance out of the extraordinary. Typical artistic approach to the enduring street photography by this greek photographer Stavros Stamatiou. Every Pictures spells the words of silence while there also exists a constant chirp of buzzing, some unknown lives and numerous hindrances. These photographs…

Tamás Andok – Shows the other-side of Street Photography through his stark photographs

Tamás Andok – Shows The Other-Side Of Street Photography Through His Stark Photographs

The Harmony of darkness, Tamás Andok calls it as thrilling & excitement instead. His photographs show the glooming darkness of the city and the stark contrast of people roaming around. In this Interview, Tamas tells us how his photographic style was born, how he found his own way of expressing…

Jianwei Yang – A Canadian Photographer creates stunning B/W with a simple compact camera

Jianwei Yang is certainly an interesting character when it comes to street photography perspective. He is one of those photographers who loves to keep it simple and inspiring. Among-st his beautiful works of street genre, what punches the most is his brilliant eye for capturing human factor with interesting natural light…

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