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My 100 Favorite Movies you will love

My 100 Favorite Movies You Will Love

Movies have always been my fascination since childhood, having born in India made this urge and passion for movies even higher. I am Venkat Prakash, a designer by profession and an artist by heart. Photography and Cinema have taken me close to what I believe and have tuned my vision…

Best Crime and Thriller TV Shows on Netflix

25 Best Crime & Thriller TV Shows on Netflix

Here are some best crime and thriller TV series on Netflix. You can find a variety of thrillers like Pablo Escobar’s Narcos, Osho’s Wild Wild Country, famous Discovery channel feature Manhunt: Unabomber. Few series like An Innocent Man, Making a Murderer are documentary type TV series. Hope you guys will…

The Best 10 Films Of Abbas Kiarostami You Must Watch

The Best 10 Movies Of Abbas Kiarostami You Must Watch

I am a great fan of Iranian Film Director Abbas Kiarostami, I still remember the first film I watched is “Where Is the Friend’s Home? ” the film was so good and I started browsing what are the other films by this director, I took the list and I watched…

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