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Photographer Jordi Puig Reveals The Behind-The-Scenes Of His Creative Photos

Barcelona-based photographer Jordi Puig reveals the behind-the-scenes of his creative photos. Puig wants to show us that you don’t need fancy equipment to take captivating photos; just a little bit of creativity and practice. And he’s putting up really convincing cases. Here in this post, you can find Jordi’s 30…

Creative Tricks in Photography by Jordi Koalitic

Photographer Jordi Koalitic Shows His Creative Tricks To Take Amazing Pictures

Barcelona-based photographer Jordi Koalitic shows his creative tricks to take amazing pictures. Jordi uses various tools and props to make his shot truly incredible, here in this gallery you can find behind-the-scenes of his creative process and you can take some inspiration to make such pictures. In this post, you…

Behind The Scenes Of Perfect Portraits By Kai Bottcher

Photographer Kai Böttcher Shows Behind The Scenes Photos Of Perfect Portraits

German photographer Kai Böttcher shows behind-the-scenes photos of perfect portraits. 25-year-old Kai Bottcher shared some of his behind-the-scenes photos that show just how much effort and creativity goes into producing the polished end result. His Instagram has more than 700K followers with full of portraits of women that seem perfect…

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