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Photographer Alper Yesiltas Uses AI To See How Historical Icons Would Look Like Today

Istanbul-based photographer Alper Yesiltas uses Artificial Intelligence to see what historical icons would look like today. Alper created the hyper-realistic portraits for a project titled Thisness. Behind this project lies the question “What would some iconic people look like if they lived in our time instead of living in theirs?”…

AI-generated hearts by Andrejs Pidjass

Digital Artist Andrejs Pidjass Creates Stunning AI-Generated Hearts

Latvia-based Digital Artist Andrejs Pidjass creates stunning AI-generated hearts. Andrejs creates weird, disgusting and beautiful art created using Artificial Intelligence and Adobe Photoshop. He use Mid Journey App to create these stunning art pieces, on top of that he use photoshop to create the final output. Scroll down and inspire…

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