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Wearing The Traditional Costume Of The Country by Anita Demianowicz

Photographer Anita Demianowicz Captured Herself Wearing The Traditional Costume Of The Country She Was In

My name is Anita. I’m from Poland. My adventure with photography started 8 years ago. I was photographing everything during my travels: a bit of city architecture, people, and landscapes. It soon turned out that landscape is something I love to photograph most because my favorite thing in the world…

Photographer Anita Demianowicz Traveled Around The World To Take Photos Of The Beautiful Sunsets And Sunrises

Anita Demianowicz is a solo traveling woman, photographer, and blogger from Poland. She traveled around the world to take photos of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. In her words about this project: Sunset and sunrise are some of the most widely used topics in photography. And no wonder, because it’s fascinating…

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