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AI Generated Portraits With Lush Jewelry By Swaroop Guhathakurta

Artist Swaroop Guhathakurta Creates Stunning AI-Generated Portraits Of People Ornated With Lush Jewelry

Artist and graphic designer Swaroop Guhathakurta creates stunning AI-generated portraits of people ornated with lush jewelry. Swaroop masters human & artificial intelligence creating digital art in the realm of reallusion. In this gallery, you can find his skills with the power of artificial intelligence to create lush portraits of people…

Classic Paintings Redrawn

Redrawn: Classic Paintings By Famous Artists While Preserving Their Style

Here are the redrawn of classic paintings by famous artists while preserving their style by DALL-E 2 Neural Network. The blogger Denis Shiryaev and the author of the Telegram channel “Neural Networks and Blender” presented a selection of classic paintings augmented by machine learning algorithms. The neural network generated eight…

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