Gabriela Tulian keeps it extremely simple. These pictures are from our daily life yet interesting and pleasing. Gabriela reveals us what pushes her towards such excellence. She walks on the lines of simplicity and practices the formula of arts. Thriving hard on the vision and style of the photographer which is way ahead of what gear can give an artist.

The wonderful part about this entire interview is her unique view, where she believes and make us believe that the world is definitely a better place in these pictures.

Still Life Photography by Gabriela Tulian

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Originally from Argentina, I have been living in Montreal, Canada for about 15 years now. I am self employed, splitting my time between assignments for a New York based photographic agency and my own food company.

How did this love for photography happen?

I started off doing some product photography, but my love for photography really took off when I began posting my images on Flickr in 2011. It was there that I met so many extraordinary people. Finding this great community of photographers really motivated me and I soon became interested in capturing the simple things around me. Over time, with experimentation and with much trial and error, I came to find my own style.

What fascinates you to capture these precious still life photographs?

Photography holds a lot of meaning in my life, it’s not just a hobby but a passion. My subjects are mostly found in my everyday life. I enjoy heading out and exploring my surroundings, always excited to capture whatever the day has in store. I’m a very sensitive person, driven by intuition. Photography allows me to be in the present moment and when I’m taking pictures, the whole world seems to be a better place.

Your Gear?

I use a Canon 60D most of the time, with a variety of different lenses, a Canon 70-200, 17-55mm, 50mm, Macro, and a Lensbaby.

Your Inspiration?

Websites such as 500px, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest and Vimeo are some of my biggest inspiration. I enjoy looking at as many videos and pictures I can.

A street, a ray of light, a song, a commercial, a shadow, a shape, a film… can give that extra touch to my next capture, so I try to be alert and catch details from all that’s going on around me.

Apart from photography, what are your hobbies?

I don’t have a lot of time actually but I still enjoy cooking for my loved ones. Certainly cooking is my other passion.

Any tips/advice for aspiring photographers?

Be yourself and don’t try to imitate others, try to develop your own style. Photograph what makes you happy and play a lot with light. Do not stop taking photos, practice hard, try new angles, new frames, new techniques.
No matter if the equipment you have is ultra sophisticated or very humble, the most important thing is your own view of things, that’s unique and is inside of you.

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