My Personal Best: Shubhabrata Roy

I am Subhabrata Roy, based in Kolkata. I am practicing street photography since 2017. Though I bought my first DSLR in the year 2013 but like most of the amateurs, I was not sure about my point of interest at the beginning especially with the genre. After a few years, I found my genuine interest in street photography.

I was greatly influenced by few contemporary photographers from the genre initially who are also from Kolkata, like Raj Sarkar, Saumalya Ghosh, Sankar Ghose, Arghya Chatterjee. I did my basic schooling in photography under the guidance of Arghya Chatterjee. Here I just want to say that I am not from any art background so it has always been tough for me to understand the craft and still I am trying to understand it and working hard. Professionally I am a school teacher in Kolkata and photography is my hobby and passion.

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