Stories in every face, emotions keeps boiling with these brilliant photographs by Nayeem Kalam from Chittagong, Bangladesh. Let us get to hear more from the photographer himself.

Few words about Nayeem?

I am Nayeem from Chittagong, Bangladesh….to be honest I do not see myself as a photographer but a mere entertainer if that too is worth mentioning since I never had any training or formal education on photography. I never read any books about photography nor have been to a proper photo exhibition or things of that sort. I come from a very conservative family where photography is taboo and is nothing but utter madness, a waste of time. Somehow I am still taking pictures which is a miracle itself. Anyway enough about me.

How did Photography change your world?

Photography made me know all those wonderful and sometimes nasty people that I get to see and photograph everyday, photography has given me a voice, a life that is almost surreal. Photography has given me an identity. It has given enemies, fans that I do not deserve to be honest and the greatest thing has to be the challenge that I face everyday at home since I do not work, I never did ( I have a very rich and famous father by the way please do not mention this). Photography has given me a goal in life, a sense of where I wish to belong, how I wish to be remembered.

Few words about People Photography?

First of all I am very interested in ethnicity since I myself am a sort of a mixed bag, then there is that eternal thirst of knowing how people live and survive in the streets. But I do have a certain advantage which not many people have I guess and that is to look different like an outsider or foreigner and yet be able to express and present myself in the most local of ways. You cant just take interest in people and ignore them when they take more interest in you. You know what I mean ?

For Nayeem what does it take to produce a great picture?

Instinct, humanity, LIGHT. And I cant help but mention this…. a fast lens at least.

Your favorite photography quote?

A couple of years ago I saw this “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” and I loved it since.

Best compliment you received so far?

“You like your camera more than me or else why do you keep it near you when you sleep ? You never sleep with me” by my then 4 year old daughter.

Your favorite photographers?

I do not know many but Steve McCurry’s pictures are very good in my opinion.

Your Gear?

At this moment I have two cameras….a Canon 5D classic and a Canon 1Ds II. Lenses : Canon 24L and an 85L II.

Any final thoughts / advice for our readers?

Just follow your heart and respect yourselves, never give up on the thing that you love.

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