Ata Adnan is a Street & People Photographer from Bangladesh. Adnan’s pictures makes us feel every bit for his beautiful country and the soulfulness of some fantastic people who live there. These pictures show us his level of comfortness with his portraiture characters and their answers inform of beautiful portraits to the lenses of Adnan. The way he chooses them carefully and pin their wonderful emotions with thoughtful stories into a beautiful photograph is stunning.

Listen to his answers and rejoice with these wonderful showcase.

Can you please introduce yourself?

Hi, I am Ata Mohammad Adnan, a freshly graduated doctor,who comes from the city of Chittagong in Bangladesh. My father used to own a SLR back in the late 80s- and I feel I’ve inherited both my features as a doctor and a photographer from him!

Being a Doctor, how did you got interest in photography?

One major similarity between being a doctor and people photographer is that I need to deal with humans. The interest in photography came from the urge to tell stories. Photographs have been a part of our childhood, thanks to my father who thought of capturing the small bits of my childhood in his camera.

For Adnan what does it take to produce a great picture?

Some great light and a keen photography subject who has a story to tell. Apart from people, I also get intrigued by different places I visit.
Its very important to have a great time while producing photographs, and shooting the kind of photographs you want rather than thinking what the world wants you to photograph.

Your Inspiration and passion behind your constant drive?

My biggest inspiration has to be the people I meet and photograph, their smile, and the love that some people have bestowed upon me after looking at my photographs.

Also, I feel like the camera has become a part of me. Taking photographs mean the world to me, makes me feel I am breathing alright.

Apart from my parents who have supported me to feed my passion the way I want, I have also had the fortune of knowing Nayeem Kalam, my photography guru whose photos have given me a direction to move ahead.

Your Gear?

I have been a loyal Nikon-ite since I started. I currently use a Nikon D700,paired almost always with fast prime lenses, Nikon 20mm f/2.8, Nikon 35mm f/1.4G, Sigma 85mm f/1.4. I also own a Fuji X100.

Any advises for upcoming photographers?

Have fun taking photos. Shoot as much as you can because that will teach you the most. If you are shooting people, be kind and humane with the people you photograph. Either blend in, or be completely invisible to the people around you.

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