My Personal Best: Turkish Street Photographer Ozan Safak

I am Ozan Şafak from Turkey. I was born in İstanbul in 1978. I am a history teacher at the high school. My history with photography begun when I was a child. I first met photography with my father’s analog cameras. I wouldn’t have understood his explanations about cameras working principles at that time.

I bought myself a camera in 2010 and started to learn the basic principles of photography by buying a lot of photography books. Street photography has become my interest since 2015, which was of interest to documentary photography before.

Now street photography is my passion. I try to photograph city life and İstanbul streets for 3 years longer. Silhouettes and Colors of Istanbul is my main idea. My photography is about light and shadow in the street life. I like to show the texture of the city and the loneliness of the person using light and shadows in my photographs.

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