Completely dreamy and some enchanting portraits of beautiful kids playing and dancing in surreal surroundings. Valeria spring captures the heart of kids in these pictures. Just as Sally Mann a master photographer has suggested Valeria also believes that you can always get the best pictures shooting the ones close to you. Beautiful kids, sensational colors, and a fantastic photographer, the rest can be viewed below.

Can you please introduce yourself?

Hi My name is Valeria Spring. I live + love + create memories in Seattle, though my roots take me back to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m a self-proclaimed super passionate portrait photographer addicted to vintage ephemera and typically trapped inside a dreamy child-like story plot somewhere far far away. When I’m not daydreaming in wonderland, I’m most certainly capturing magical moments on camera, playing with my two little ones, watching movies with hubby inside the covers or belly laughing with my friends.

I can also be found in garage sales or in the shopping corridors of Etsy. I cannot have enough cardigans and hair bows.
If you must win me over, chocolate or Gardenias will do the trick.

How do you achieve the mood in your portraits?

I, as the photographer, try to take control of the light and possibly position my subjects in order to get the best advantage of it. I also like to think about a good composition, pay attention to the colors, and shades and shadows all around, but I don’t really control or ask my subjects to pose. I don’t want a pose I want the real them and in order to get that I am always ready and never dismiss any situation. I almost always find that my favorite images are the ones from the “in between” moments because that’s when I find to get the most authenticity out of people and that is my goal when I’m doing portraits.

Can you please describe about your Post Processing?

I do some tweaking on ACR. Sometimes I use Presets and sometimes I just process it from scratch and try to leave the images ready for a few extra touches in PS. Once in PS I use a combination of actions and tweak them to achieve that matte, filmy look. I’ve learned photography when everything was still analogue so the filmy look of my images is in part been inspired by that.

For Val, what does it take to make a good picture?

A picture that is real and that in 5, 10, 20+ years will bring all sorts of memories back. A picture that tells a story or make you connect with either the “model” or the photographer. There’s really not a formula (in my opinion) for what would exactly make a good picture. Two completely different photographers could take a photo in the very same spot, to the same person, with the same light and the photos will be different because the connection between the people will be different and you will feel that. If there’s no people being photographed there will still be a connection between the photographer and whatever he is photographing, or not. To me a good picture goes beyond any technical rules but of course it is very important to know those rules and keep them in mind.

What is your Inspiration?

My daughters, life, love, my childhood memories, light, color I could go on forever but these are probably where I find most of my inspiration.

Your Camera Equipment?

Nikon D700, 50mm 1.4G, 180mm 2.8, Lensbaby Composer Pro and the Edge 80 optic. I also have some film equipment that I’m eager to get back to. It’s been a while since I loaded a roll of film and I miss it very much.

Any Tips and Advises for our readers and aspiring talents?

Just follow your heart and shoot with it. Trust your eye cause that’s the only way you will be unique and happy with the results.

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