Johan Jehlbo is a 38 year old wonderful street photographer from Sweden, he loves to capture streets with flash. He is also one of the founding member of Full Frontal (Flash Street Photographers Collective). In this brief interview with, Johan shares his personal views and opinion on street photography, his inspiration and a lot about art and photography.

Johan Jehlbo – Stunning Street Photographer From Sweden

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Johan Jehlbo and I am a 38 year old street photographer from southern Sweden. Originally from Malmö but I ended up in the countryside outside of town where I live with my family. Wife and a 6 year old son.

One of the founding members of Full Frontal, a international photographic collective with focus on flash street photography. We just got started but we have some great photographers on board and I am really excited about the future.

How did you find street photography to be right for you?

I always had a camera but didn’t take it seriously until a couple of years ago and then I was trying all things out like we all do when we start. Portraits, landscape, cityscapes and to some degree street photography. Always been interested in shooting in public, but didn’t know a thing about the genre.

Can’t remember how I learnt about it but once I did, I spend all my time learning about it and studying the masters. Street photography got me from the start and soon enough I decided to fully concentrate on the genre. I came to photography through music. Always been in bands, writing, recording and producing music, but one day I just didn’t feel it anymore. Photography and street photography in particular, was in some way a natural step for me to take.

How would you define your personal style of street photography?

I shoot almost a 100% with flash and 35mm lens. So I guess my style is close with flash. Often portraits but my best work is probably when I take a step back and try to include more.

What do you think of B&W versus Color with street photography?

For me it depends on the light, almost never shoot BW in the summer but I tend to shoot BW all winter. There is no right or wrong, it depends on personal taste. Same with film vs digital. It is all up to the photographer.

Your favorite photographers?

Jeff Mermelstein, Joel Meyerowitz, Bruce Gilden, Martin Parr, Alex Webb, Josef Koudelka, Boogie, Trent Parke are the once that comes to my mind but I have certainly forgot someone really important that I will regret later.

And I can honestly say all the guys from Full Frontal, they’re all amazing.

Your favorite photography book?

Just bought Alex Webbs Suffering of light and I love it. But otherwise I would say Trent Parkes Minutes to midnight, I keep coming back to it.

What camera do you use the majority of the time?

I have been using a Fujifilm X-Pro1and a X100s for the last couple of years but I recently sold the X100s and bought my self a Leica M6. So in the future I tend to do more film stuff. But I have to say that the X-Pro is a really great camera and with a adapter for M lenses you get a perfect setup for street photography.

Any tips for aspiring street photographers out there?

Always carry a camera. Shoot a lot. Don’t hesitate, just shoot. Manual focus. Don’t be afraid to use flash. Study great photographers work. Be hard to yourself in the editing process, kill your darlings if you have to and be selective in what you make public.

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