Personal Best: Jagannath Saha

Hello, I’m Jagannath Saha A 23 years Old Street and Documentary Photography enthusiastic From Murshidabad, India. I’m a Final year BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) student. I started Photography from early 2017 and experienced almost every genre. Initially, I used to shoot with my phone camera, in early 2018 I got a point and shot camera and started clicking birds, peoples everything I liked. Later I realized the street and people attract me the most, So from 2019, I got into Street and Documentary Photography.

I love to observe things surrounding me and to capture those decisive moments and human elements on their own action. I’m learning every day while on the street and trying to improve my work. I love to shoot alone and try to find unique perspectives and actions in my frame.

My works have been published in platforms Like 35Awards, Chiiz Magazine, EYE Photo Magazine, Photography Kolkata, Progressive Street, etc.

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