My name is Sagi Kortler and I’m a street photographer from Israel.

Born in 1972 in Israel. I’m a self taught photographer and as many others, I started with photographing everything. My pictures became better and better technically wise but I felt that something is missing.

I felt that I was a technician of the camera and not a photographer, a creator. I wanted more and by searching for more meaning in my photography I found street photography. Street photography felt right from the beginning, I felt I was connecting to my subject and to the process of creation. It’s a kind of photography that is made from the heart and not from the head. There are no defined rules to live by.

I’m a freelance photographer and I’ve Been devoting my life to Street photography since 2009. Street photography for me is more than a genre of photography; it’s an approach to photography and to life. It is how I look at the world and how I see it even if I don’t have a camera.

I make pictures by intuition, because I feel that I need to click the exposure button at that exact time. I do not plan or stage my photos, I’m a fly on the wall. I let life unfold before me, I capture and present it as I see it, and I bring my own unique perspective of the everyday life. I’m an observer of humanity and life, my role is to document the world I live in to tell its story from my point of view.

My hope is for my work to become a part of a global pool of documentations for future generations so they will be able to learn and understand the times I live in.

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