Hi !!! I introduce myself as Radesh, in the process of attaining perfection and effective photography. It triggered off just as a hobby using Canon 350D five years back, then I realized that I started looking not just an image, but the expression and the message through the expression. I fell deeply in love with my own thoughts and perception. I thought I should be able to capture them and moved on to Canon 7D just to capture a better feel of photography.

My interests are mainly in Street photography where the inward thoughts of man are projected on the faces and the societal influence on these lives is caught by my camera. Dance and Wedding candid photography is another talent of mine where the moments are captured, unexpectedly and laid in the memories to cherish forever. The emotions with the dance forms and reality are a treat to my eyes and preserved through my camera lens. Portrait photography which is liked by many is also my asset. The personโ€™s very existence with feelings is brought about alive.

Take a few moments to explore the portfolio for sample work of people, places, and concert photography. Please e-mail radesh.pt@gmail.com with any queries or work requests.

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