Just that incredible flavor of India. Manish Ubana from Hyderabad produces such wonderful feel to his black and white photographs with a mix of beautiful compositions and enduring emotions. Manish feels his form of photography is a speech of his own which just happened out of his solitudeness in his urban life. Lets get to know more about the photographer and his pictures are a fantastic statement.


I am Manish Ubana and I am a Software Engineer by profession settled in Hyderabad, India.

In this concrete jungle I was a jammed bird set to free and that’s when I got connected to the camera, which made me choose solitude through my images. Photography for me is a medium to delve into the core of my heart; it has made me travel to new places and gave me the privilege to have a closer glance at some of the unexplored aspects of life.

It has been a very fruitful and inspiring journey so far, as it has made me meet many friends, mentors and masters too!

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