Beata Ryden is a creative fine-art photographer from Sweden. Her thoughts and insight towards the art is very natural and relieves the inner tension while taking a look at these photographs. Beata’s wonderful project “The Sleep Project” helps one to connect withing the inner-self with a hypnotic jerk as she explains. It is beautiful when the words form from a creative artist and her pictures explains her philosophy about life. Beata says in order to criticize something we always need not go straight into the problem but there is a other way around. Lets get to hear more from the artist ..

This is me and my brother. I am two years younger than him, standing to the right. In my hand I have a camera. We are on a trip to Paris together. I choose this picture to illustrate how very rich my life has been, always, of creativity and inspiration.


My name is Beata Rydén. I’m a photographic artist born in June of 1985 in Gothenburg, the next biggest town in Sweden. I create images that are dreamlike, imaginative and surrealistic. With the art of photography, I want to explore our inner worlds and psychological struggles. One topic that I tend to come back to is integrity and personal borders. How do we find peace in this world, and how do we protect ourselves? I’m inspired by these processes that goes on within all of us, whether we are aware of it or not. Recently I’ve started working on “The Sleep Project”, in which I investigate the state between being awake and falling asleep.

This is a state where you might experience the hypnotic jerk, which means that you feel like you’re falling or slipping. You can also see strong colors and patterns, or get sleep paralysis. So many scary and interesting things happen at this moment! My philosophy is this: In order to criticize something, you don´t always have to go straight to the problem. You can do it by offering something else. That´s what I want to do. I want to use imagination to tell something about the world, and to offer images that are thought provoking, beautiful and poetic. My goal is to make people look inside themselves, and maybe learn something new and exciting about their inner worlds.

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