Personal Best: Daniele Zarri

My name is Daniele Zarri, I was born in a small town on the east side of Italy, I now live in an even smaller town on the sea not far from where I was born.

Photography allowed me to escape a little, when I can take the time to isolate myself and walk looking for frames that allow you to give vent to my creativity.

I’m not a photographer, you can’t ask me to take pictures, I have to feel free to imagine, create because with a camera you’re never alone and I could get lost for hours in any place.

I don’t like to pose subjects, I still rely on the search for the moment that is granted to me and the ability that I can have to exploit it to find my photography, even if I accept any purpose to obtain good photography.
The difficulty is not to see a good intuition, but above all to make it easy for everyone to read.

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