One Photographer who loves to capture the chaos in our urban environment. The colors and vibrancy he brings to his pictures is compelling for anyone to get locked. Biswajit Kumar loves street photography for this very reason, through his pictures he makes us stand in the moment of place which is an amazing trait as far as street photography is concerned. Unique compositional skills with excellent aid of colors makes his pictures stand out. Listen to what Biswajit got to speak about his style of photography.

Few words about yourself?

I am an IT consultant by profession and a photographer by passion. My journey with photography started during my college days with my trusted partner Vivitar v3000s during the good old days of film. At that time I primarily focused on portraits. I got into photographing streets not very long ago, about 3 years. I had a chance to work in New York for a year, and that was the time I started capturing the grand and beautiful streets of NYC. Also during this time, I got inspired by many street photographers. Presently I am totally in love with this genre of SP and love capturing the streets in all its essence.

What would you usually look on a street to capture?

To me street photography should be such that it would give me a flavor of the place. I usually look for light & shadow, texture, lines and human expressions just before I press the shutter. The tension between all these components make a good photo.

For Biswajit, what does it take to make a perfect street photograph?

For a perfect street photograph, it should give me a feel of the place. The image should place me just on that moment and on that place.

Your Inspiration and passion behind your constant drive?

I love big cities, the people, the architecture and the energy. I think I get inspired by them. I am totally in love with the Urban chaos we all live in. My passion is to document this urban chaos in my very own way.

Any words for aspiring photographers?

I consider myself an aspiring photographer too. But I just want to share my experience – best shots of mine have been taken on my aimless walks…. so friends just walk aimlessly and alone on random streets, you never know that street corner might have the best light you have ever seen.

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