Subir Basak, hails from Kolkatta, an Indian city known as the city of joy filled with variety of tradition and cultural values. His pictures have a strong resemblance and an astounding attitude towards Indian culture and its whole beautiful story. Every photograph here is vivid in its artistic value and expressive in terms of emotions. Subir is a science graduate who then turned towards his avid passion for photography, and then there was no looking back.

His words are not as simple as his photographs, they have a deep meaning and a masterful context on the account of taming photography and acquiring your own style. Lets get to listen more from the photographer himself..

Few words of Introduction about yourself?

I am Subir Basak from Kolkata, a science graduate from the Calcutta University. I did my Diploma in “Advance Photography” in the year 1992 under a renowned documentary photographer from “Chitrabani”, Kolkata. I started as a photojournalist in a daily and now am working independently. My work has been recognized through publication in many books and journals as well as through exhibitions in India and abroad. Some of my work has been recently bought/ licensed by agencies like National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveller Magazine, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Italy, Seagull Publications, Wells Fargo, Merck, USA, Citigroup, USA, The Sydney Morning Herald, Oxford University Press, Firebrand Media, USA, among others.

How did you choose people photography?

After the completion of my diploma, I worked as a photojournalist in a daily newspaper which molded me as a photographer and for my future as one. It helped me realize my true calling as through this medium I became interested in “people photography” which ultimately became a passion and remains so to this day.

Your captures are rich and vibrant, spelling every nodes of incredible India, what favors you to go about it?

I usually try to find happiness in my surroundings. I am aware of the fact that life is not only full of joy but to find and capture happiness even in the simplest form is my aim when I look through my lens because it does exist. We need only observe.

What does it take to capture a good picture?

It is very important to keep one’s mind and heart sensitive to other’s emotions. It makes the picture powerful in a way that conveys a lot of meaning. One must also often try and practice shooting pictures without a camera, in the sense, understand how the picture can be visualized when capturing with a camera.

Some final words of inspiration for us and numerous aspirants in this field of photography?

As I said before, it is important to feel the soul of the subject, to be sensitive in a way that brings your heart and mind in sync with the subject so as to capture it in your mind’s eye and then help translate it into a photograph that speaks volumes about the subject captured. Modern equipment helps a lot on the technical side but learn not to rely on them completely; trust your heart and eyes, which will help you a lot to capture better photographs.

Another very important quality is to be passionate about and involved in what you photograph if you want your image to have an impact on yourself and on others. If you just shoot objects without any creativity and carelessness you may produce a good photograph but its artistic value will fall short of photos shot by someone who considers what and why they are doing and cares to go into the image. Do not take it as just a photograph because after all it’s an expression of your soul. Last but not the least, do not copy others and try to present what you see in a unique and individual manner.

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