Irresistible kids they are, see what Tatyana has to speak about her brilliant photography of kids. They are sweet and responsive to her camera, Tanya loves to capture all of those innocent splendid and joyous moments with kids. She inspires from everything around her and loves every minute of her time spent with kids and of course camera. Listen to her answers and rejoice with these joyful light pictures of beautiful kids.

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Tatyana Tomsickova, I am from Bulgaria, married and currently live in Prague, Czech Republic. Mother of two beautiful boys, who are the reason to start shooting more intensively. I have had passion for photography from my childhood, but could afford to buy my first DSLR only after the birth of my first born. I have been taking pictures almost four years now and I cannot imagine my life without my camera.

What fascinates you to capture these precious kids?

Children are pure, innocent and happy creatures, with geniune emotions, nothing about kids is artificial. This is the reason why I love taking pictures of children. I love to capture the pure emotion, the happiness and the sadness, the surprised faces and even the tears – everything is so pure.

What is the secret behind to capture a goodportrait?

Patient!!! For me photographing kids is all about patient. You have to be armed with patient, you have to let the kid play his own game and just stay aside and take pictures! That is how you will get the most natural, candid pictures. I usually prepare everything for the session, then just leave the child to play on the place I have chosen for shooting and I stay on hold, waiting for the right moment, the right look and the right smile. When photographing children you have to take in consideration that children get tired very quickly, so get ready with all the settings of the camera before you leave the child to play, so you won’t miss a precious moment, because the camera was not set right. You always have to choose your background very cautiously, no distracting object behind the child, no trees, growing from his head.

Any sweet memories while you capture these kids?

I can recall a few sweet memories. Once I took a picture of my boy, splashing in a little pond, of course he gave me couple of sweet pictures, good splash and funny face and then jump in the pond with the shoes.

Your Inspiration?

My inspirations are my kids, with their sweet faces and the thousand different looks they can give me in a few minutes. Of course I obtain inspiration from pretty much everything that surrounds me. If I see an interesting place, I always imagine what good image can be done there; I go home and then go back to the place with the appropriate props, clothes, persons at the right time and light. And that is pretty much the most important thing – to be on the right place at the right time and not to forget the camera at home.

Any advice for our readers?

Always have your camera in your bag, because you never know when you will stumble on something interesting and unique. And you never know when you will hit a place with a beautiful light!

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