Incredible landscapes and the amazing feel of distant horizons makes it wonderful to be a landscape photographer. Jérôme Berbigier from Australia is an amazing talent who produces such unbelievable pictures of everlasting landscapes. Speaking about his pictures, what amazes me is the vivid wideness and gentle calmness of the magnificent nature. His point of view in most of these photographs is very commanding and takes his photography to another level.

Listen from Photographer himself…

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a French photographer based in Sydney Australia.

What was your first step in photography?

I started photography in 2008, pushed by a few friends to purchase a camera and join them for short trips photographing the Australian coast. I used websites such as flickr and social media. Through the web I met other like minded photographers and was able to access all the information one needs to start learning. I was also lucky to be able to travel to different countries in the last 2 or 3 years, and progressively build my own style with these trips.

What kindled your interest in landscape photography, what Inspired you?

For me landscape photography really is a two steps process. Wondering in great places, discovering and capturing unique moments, often alone and at special times of the day. Then comes the post processing, at home, often late at night, making some of the images live again or transforming them to a more surrealist vision.

Before you start a trip, how will you prepare yourself?

Usually I start by a web search, I look for locations I must visit, I scan what has been photographed already. I like to build itineraries even if I don’t always follow them. I used software such as google earth and the photographer ephemeris to predict the light orientation, some locations are best photographed at sunset, some others at sunrise. I often carry a small laptop with the results of my searches in case I need to get back to it.

What are some of the countries or regions you would like to visit, and photograph, in the coming years?

I visited the South West of the US, Iceland, the Italian Dolomites, all very popular locations. Patagonia, Chile, Namibia, and Antarctica are also on the bucket list of most traveling landscape photographers. Funnily enough, I never got to photograph France even though I lived there most of my life, that may change next year. The Middle East would be interesting also.

Apart from photography, do you have interest in other creative activities?

I follow a lot of websites combining photography, design, painting, etc. I like to browse through diverse artists works, even with photography I don’t limit myself to the landscape genre.

What type of camera, lenses and lighting equipment do you use?

I use a digital camera, Nikon D800E, primarily because I photograph landscapes and print large. Most of the photos on my website were taken with a wide angle lens (16-35mm). I also use different types of Lee filters (UK), couldn’t do without them. A tripod is important for what I do, I use a steady carbon tripod from Really Right Stuff (US).

Which photographers have inspired you?

Always a hard question, I follow a lot of different people, often with styles very different to mine. Photographers I really admire include: Dan Holdsworth, Reuben Wu, Matthieu Soudet, Lilli Waters, Oli Sansom, Tamara Dean, etc.

Any final thoughts or advice for our readers?

Go through websites and books to explore other styles than yours, and try to get out shooting as often as possible. Two advices I should follow myself.

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