Portfolio of a weekend clicker and passionate photographer Mahesh Balasubramanian, shows us his beautiful work on the people and streets. He describes that he loves to learn and inspire from some wonderful photographers around and tries to interpret them in his own photographs. Listen to more from Mahesh himself.

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Mahesh and I am from Chennai. I am a software professional and an amateur photographer. I have been taking pictures more than 5 years now. I love people and street photography. I shoot close portraits and trying to capture street moments. I learn day by day through watching masters pictures and trying to produce better picture. I prefer black and white when it comes to Portraits and street moments and I also do color pictures if colors play important role.

How did you choose photography?

I love photography from my college days. I use to shoot with my friend’s film camera during our tour in college days. But, I never thought I would get into serious photography until 2008. I started photography in 2008 to stress out the hectic corporate life. But, then it becomes serious passion. I started shooting whatever I found beautiful from landscape to nature to people. Then I realized people photography is the one which gives me so much happiness and started concentrating on that. And now, I can’t think of living without a camera and shooting picture.

For Mahesh what does it take to produce a great picture?

I believe in certain aspects in any genre of photography. A great picture should have a strong content and nice way to present it with a beautiful composition and light. The picture would become great, If photographer can connect its viewer to the picture and make them communicate.

Most memorable moment while you shoot in the streets?

Many memorable moments and each shot is a sweet memories. I can recall a sweet moment when my visit to Kerala. I can understand the language a bit but I cannot put right words to speak back. Whenever I encounter to speak to the people, it is more of few repeated words and visual communication. It was funny but enjoyed a lot.

Your Inspiration?

I have seen many black and white photos / movies of legends. Those inspired me a lot in my photography. I admire and inspire by many masters like Ansel Adams, Henri-Cartier, Elliot, etc. Steve McCurry is one of my great inspirations for people photography. I also get inspired by my fellow photographers in Chennai from Chennai Weekend Clickers.

Your Gear?

I use Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 24-105. Sometimes I use my Canon 100mm for Portrait work.

Any final words for our readers?

I believe in learning by looking into others work and understand the different aspects of visual presentation and try to make my own pictures. I suggest all my friends to believe in you and make your own picture which stands out from the crowd. Read lot of pictures from masters and understand what made them to shoot in that way.

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