Mary Wilson loves her daughter and her fascination is pretty even throughout her portfolio. Incredible pictures with great love and touching moments is the highlight here. Mary is someone who has recently started taking pictures with her D700 and what amazes us is her talent to make the most out of that workhorse lens 50mm.

Take a look at these photographs and above all get inspired.

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Cristina, I was born in León, in the North of Spain, 33 years ago. I studied Law at University but I’ve never become a lawyer. Now, I’m working at the University doing secretary jobs. Sometimes I take pictures too but I think I still have much to learn, so I still have not decided to make my hobby a profession.

How did you start portrait photography?

Well, I think I started portrait photography when I start photography. I love portraits. I think they are the most expressive key area of photography. You can catch not only the image of people but also their soul, not only the special moments they want to remember, but also their feelings and expressions… It’s a kind of magic to be able to stop the time with a click and keep those memories forever.

I don’t know when I took my first photo, but it sure was a portrait. I have a lot of memories of my dad taking family pics… He had a Nikon F50 and he liked so much photography… He died the day my daughter was born. That was very terrible, indeed. When I picked up his things, I found his camera and that reaffirmed my idea to dedicate myself to taking pictures and continuing his hobby. I started to read books about photography, taking courses and shooting, shooting and shooting. And then, I started to photograph what I love most: my husband and my daughter.

How difficult is it to capture a desired picture, how is it possible for you to achieve this magic flavor?

Most of times, when I take photographs of my daughter or other children, I try to carry the camera with me and let them be children. Then, when she is on her own, playing or dancing or singing or whatever she wants to do, I shoot. These are the most spontaneous and magical “clicks” for me.

At other times, suddenly, an idea comes into my head. Then I have to create the image from scratch. If I am photographing children, I just let some props to the kids and they make a beautiful scene to catch.

I usually also use the self-portrait to create these images that come to my mind when the idea is too specific or is it not about children but the essence of women.

Your Inspiration?

I have a lot of sources of inspirations: films, songs, books, pics, another photographers, my daughter, my husband, nature… and a mind that thinks very quickly!!!!

Of course I have some favourite photographers, most of them from the sixties years (I suffer total fascination for those years and the total revolution that assumed in fashion, photography, art …): David Bailey, Brian Duffy, Sam Haskins, Michael Cooper, Jean Loup Sieff, Terence Donovan, Oriol Maspons, Jean Marie Perier, Gered Mankowitz… (These are only a few!). I suppose my pics are influenced by theirs.

One memorable moment with your daughter?

Perhaps it sounds cliché, but all the moments that I have lived with my daughter are memorable moments. Time goes so fast that I wish I could be clicking every second so that I can never forget any of them. If I had to choose one, it would be a photo that looks to be a happy and loved little girl.

What camera and lighting gear do you use for a typical shoot?

I started to take photographs more seriously with a Nikon F50. When it broke down, I bought a D90. I used that camera for three years with a 50mm f/1.8 that is my favourite. Now, I have a full frame camera D700 that I use most of the time with the prime lenses (50mm and 90mm).

I also some zoom lenses: 35-70mm, 10-20mm and 75-200mm. I prefer fixed focal, and I do not usually use them a lot.

I do not like the lighting gear to take pictures. Definitely prefer natural light and try to get everything ready to photograph in those conditions.

I process my photos with Lightroom and Photoshop. I’m in love with the vintage/retro look, so I try to give it to my photos.

Any tips/advice for aspiring photographers?

The truth is that I do not feel able to advise anyone anything … I feel I’m still where I need you advise me. The only thing I can say is shooting from your heart is the way to take pictures full of soul.

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