Hi Elena, can you please introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Elena Karagyozova and I’m from Bulgaria. I’m a proud mother of three wonderful girls and actually because of them I have discovered the photography. And now photography is my way of life, through it I can see the world in a different way, I have the opportunity to touch things unseen and to reach my children’s emotions and essence. Photography itself is some kind of magic and it’s my way to express myself. I have the feeling that if I stop taking pictures I wouldn’t be alive anymore. Every single day, minute or second I can’t stop thinking about photos and ideas for their implementation. Everything in my life is completely connected with that, I could say that I have managed to combine the care and love to my children with my favorite pastime.

What fascinates you to capture these precious kids?

I get inspired by everything I see, like the sunshine, the nature…. but honestly children are my biggest inspiration. Children are the most innocent creatures, they have so much positive energy and that’s what I’m trying to capture in my photos.

How difficult is it to capture a desired picture, how is it possible for you to achieve this magic flavor?

Some of the most successful pictures I have taken up to now are the pictures of my middle daughter. She was “reared” with photography and I could say that we have perfect contact through the lenses, that’s why I don’t have any difficulties during the process of taking pictures. After all it’s her favorite occupation and she finds it very funny. For example by the sight of a beautiful meadow she immediately embarks on different adventures and games and all I have to do is to capture her emotions. Of course, in my work there are a lot of pictures taken after a preliminary preparation and sometimes it takes me months of work to achieve a particular result.

Your Gear?

My camera is “Nikon”, recently I got “Nikon D800E. With it I use my favorite lenses “Nikkor 50mm 1.4” and “Nikkor 85mm 1.8”.

Your Inspirations and any words of advice for our readers and aspiring photographers?

I like to observe paintings of famous artists from the past, that’s the way I learn, how to “build” the compositions properly. I could contemplate them for hours. My advice to your readers is to listen to their intuition, to make everything by heart, because when you do something with love you achieve better results, to chase their goals and the most important to keep on taking pictures. I think that we learn something new from every single picture we take. Recently I’ve noticed that people waste a lot of time and energy to explore the technical specifications of their cameras and in my opinion this burdens the work and makes it even more difficult. Learn from the attempts and errors you make. I wish good luck to all photography lovers!

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