Pictures from a wonderful countryside, Mark Carey shows his astounding vision towards photography through his monochromatic pictures. The empty streets, and the silence within those houses and serenity inside the faces makes us feel in love with the village atmosphere. Strangely there seems to be a mystery going well with the silence in these photographs, the warm smiles from those wonderful human beings. A lot has been conveyed in these pictures, a strange village with a beautiful story.

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Mark Carey talking about Valeni, A Village in Romania.

Mark visited the small village of Valeni in Romania in 2012. He went during its Orthodox Easter celebrations, in order to document day to day life of this still very traditional area an area that currently still seems isolated after the fall of communism. It’s beautiful rural scenery, traditions, food and folk dress demonstrate a culture that will not perhaps be around for much longer as this part of Romania becomes slowly more integrated with the rest of Europe and indeed Romania itself.



About the Photographer

Mark Carey is London based street and documentary photographer. During the summer months he pays the bills by shooting weddings in a pure documentary style, mainly in the UK. Then, during the winter months he heads off to shoot street photography, social documentary and personal projects in India, South east Asia and parts of Europe. Whilst in India he also shoots social documentary projects for NGO’s shooting in slums, care homes and hospitals and he also runs a regular street photography workshop in Kolkata.

Mark is particularly interested in combining strong creative compositions with sensitive reportage. He is a member of the Indian street photography collective ‘Thats life

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