The sight of classrooms alone can kindle unexplained emotions inside our hearts. This is such a nostalgic photo story dealt with a day meal program arranged by a NGO. Sindhur reddy has done perfect justice for what needs to be captured with a heart for beautiful feelings and simple memories. Hats off to the photographer for bringing back such pleasant memories and valuable reasons.

This project was assigned to me by AKSHAYA PATRA, a NGO who feeds the school kids with day meal across the states in India. This project is to document the school life of kids which is supported by the NGO in providing them food that helps the kids to continue education and have a better life. All the images were taken in various schools from Orissa, Gujarat & Andhra Pradesh from India.

Sindhur Speaks about School

My school life is almost a faded memory and I have never stepped back into my school for years. But this documentation has changed everything inside me, the site of the kids, classrooms, those wooden benches, school bags, black boards, bells, water taps made me happy and sad at the same time. Felt nostalgic about the school life as I could relate the environment and the things around.

And strangely I had the feeling about how would it have felt, had  someone  documented my school life.

If you like this project, please check this link which is a part of this project but focused on kids rather than school.

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