I started this portrait work in 2010. I am fascinated with people and faces. Initially, I wanted to portray people’s heart and soul through my pictures. More and more, I take portraits, I realized that I am self-discovering myself through them. I remember my childhood dreams, happiness, and joyful moment through them. More and more I see these portraits now, I can see that some part of my personality reflecting through these portraits.

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About Mahesh Balasubramanian

Mahesh is a Chennai based independent photographer. He is interested in street and travel photography. His works are published in various international magazines like National Geographic Traveler US, BLUR, Digital Photo UK, Wanderlust UK, Dodho, etc. He has won many international awards like National Geography traveler Photo Contest, 1x, PX3, iPA, etc.

Marina Beach: Street Photography Series By Mahesh Balasubramanian

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