Mustafa Abdul Hadi is a wonderful portrait photographer from Bahrain. His love for people and travel photography has pushed him to go beyond boundaries and his recent visit to India has produced some of the most powerful portraits of common people you will see.

About the photographs, all of these were shot using natural light and Mustafa has never failed to capture the true spirits and raw emotions of these characters. Each and every picture here shows the simplicity of life and innocence in the common man’s world.


About Mustafa Abdul Hadi

Mustafa AbdulHadi From Bahrain, 23 years old. Designer and freelance photographer and has interest on travel photography to explore & study the different aspects of peoples life, And their customs and traditions. And he participated in several local and international competitions in photography where he won Second place in Manama Competition 2014, Bronze Medal in The Jordan Photographic Society WPG GRAND CIRCUIT 2014 he won ARTFOTO HM Medal of MONTENEGRO.

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