Documentary Project by: Daniel Rodrigues

In a village called Galomaro, region of Bafata, Guinea-Bissau, there is an hospital where conditions are almost none. In the dry season the rooms are too hot to be inside. There is no air conditioning and light is scarce because there lack of electricity. The backyard of the hospital seems to be more a farm, where we can find pigs, goats, chickens and vultures. In the delivery room the babies are born alongside cockroaches on the floor and there are bats on the ceiling. The lack of doctors and nurses does not help the treatment of people and death is too much natural in this village.

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About the Photographer

Daniel Rodrigues was born in Compiègne, France, in 1987, but moved to the north of Portugal when he was 10 years old.

Daniel has always had a passion and love for photography and became a professional photographer after finishing his studies in the Portuguese institute of Photograohy in 2010. Since then, Daniel has volunteered and participated in humanitarian projects in Africa.

For the past three years has worked as a photojournalist for various agencies and news papers; Correio da Manhã and Global Imagem responsible for photographs in newspapers Jornal de Noticias, Diário de Notícias and O Jogo.

In 2013 Daniel won the first place in the WORLD PRESS PHOTO OF THE YEAR. In the category of ”Daily Life”. The image itself is part of a set of photographs of Children playing football in Guinea Bissau, Africa. In the same year, Daniel received in Portugal the Prémio Estação Imagem Mora for his outstanding work in Guinea Bissau.

Daniel is currently based in Portugal where he works as a freelance photographer.

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