Interview with Barb from Jinky Photography

Hi Barb, Welcome to 121 Clicks. Please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in Photography?

Thanks so much for asking me, Im thrilled. I’m from Australia, and I live in a small country town about 1 hour outside of the nations capital, Canberra. I started in photography in 2002. I had a blog on my current website and documented my children’s day to day.

Interview with Barb from Jinky Photography

“If you’re a Dreamer, Come In, Come In” quote from Shel Silverstein about your Photography. Could you please share your feelings?

I guess it’s a call out to all people with their head in the clouds to come and hang out! I just liked it.

Your captures are Dreamy, Poetic, Soulful…. its takes me to some other world. Where do you get your unique ideas and inspiration from?

Thank you! That’s very kind of you. Inspiration is really from my clients or subjects themselves really. I am really inspired by environment and the background of people. My inspirations change monthly to be honest with you, and right now I am being inspired by the real mixed in with daydreaming. Where as if you had asked me 4 months ago, I would have said I want to create concepts around my clients. I guess, I’m just like anyone, inspiration is on-going and ever changing.

Interview with Barb from Jinky Photography

When I enter into your website the video says all about your process and joyfulness about your photography. Could you please share the idea behind this?

It was really important to me that my clients had an understanding of what to expect at a Jinky Art Photo shoot. Previously I had an animated illustration however I think the video works just as well. It’s really just a story of what to expect.

Interview with Barb from Jinky Photography

How do you keep yourself motivated and your photography fresh?

I guess by constantly challenging myself and not really ever having a “this will have to do” attitude. I really throw my heart and soul into every shoot and am constantly looking forward to the next.

You are conducting Workshops around Australia & USA for Beginners and Professionals. Can you please tell more about your seminars?

The workshops are aimed at pushing creativity and also provide an open book into what it takes to run a portrait business. The workshop itself is for anyone in business or hoping to go into business all that is required is that you know camera basics.

Interview with Barb from Jinky Photography

You are working with kids, what is the secret behind to get a good expression or pose from them?

Letting them be themselves and understanding limitations whilst also being patient and waiting for “the shot” to come naturally. I consider myself to be on their clock not mine. I don’t really pose kids as such – for the most part. For shots of them together, I absolutely do help them along, however I prefer to pop them into a scene and let them decide what they are going to do with it.

Interview with Barb from Jinky Photography

Before you start a shoot, how will you prepare yourself?

I have to put my mind in a place where I am aware of what it is that I wish to achieve from the shoot. Usually by way of music or the like. I have contact with client prior so that they too are aware , and that helps.

Interview with Barb from Jinky Photography

Can you please describe the process behind your photograph, whichare Concept, Location, Capture and Post Processing?

Well each shoot is different which is part of what I hope to provide for clients. Something unique to each individual client. So that alone means that each process is never going to be the same. I discuss with clients their hopes for the shoot and we go from there.

Interview with Barb from Jinky Photography

What is your first paid assignment and what is your most memorable assignment?

My first paid one! Wow. You know. I sadly can’t remember. I’m thinking it was just one in a park and if it’s the one, I do remember it correctly. I had been photographing for around 3 years, however I was still nervous. And I still get nervous now. I think my most memorable is even harder to say – honestly, I am so lucky to have the shoots that I do. To visit the places that I visit.

Interview with Barb from Jinky Photography

What type of camera, lenses and lighting equipment do you use?

All my gear is canon. I love my canon. For lighting (which I hardly ever use) I use Alien Bees.

Your main focus is Kids Photography.For somebody wants to get into this area of photography what are your suggestions?

Go out and shoot and practice. There is a whole world of photographers out there to connect with online too. However the more you shoot the more likely you will be hired.

Interview with Barb from Jinky Photography

List of your Favorite Photographers here and why you like their work?

Arg! My least favourite question because there are so many. It would be a sin to leave any of them out so I am going to suggest visit where I started out, and take a look at the range of photographers all doing their thing.

If you could go on assignment anywhere in the world to shoot whatever you wanted; where and what would it be, and why?

Oh, right now…Alice Springs Australia. Then after that…the world is the limit! =) I have always wanted to photograph in the desert.

Interview with Barb from Jinky Photography

If not a Photographer, what would you have been?

A child care worker! =)

Thanks again for providing 121 Clicks with this opportunity to interview you. Any final thoughts for our readers?

Create!! Thanks for having me, once again I am thrilled to be interviewed. I am a photographer however and abit terrible with words… xooxoxox.

Interview with Barb from Jinky Photography

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