Narration in the movie is from Alan Watts and his famous quote on life and death. “There really isn’t anything radically wrong with being sick or with dying. We can’t say that it’s a good thing for everything to go on living. In a very simple demonstration that if we enable everybody to go on living, we overcrowd ourselves. So therefore, one person who dies in a way is honourable because he’s making room for others.

It’s a far more amusing arrangement for nature to continue the process of life through different individuals then it is always with the same individual, because as each new individual approaches life is renewed. And one remembers how fascinating the most ordinary everyday things are to a child, because they see them all as marvellous.

It is not, therefore, natural for us to wish to prolong life indefinitely. But we live in a culture where it has been rubbed into us in every conceivable way that to die is a terrible thing”

About Aeyaz Hasn

I am Ayas. An aspiring film maker from India currently settled in Dubai and trying my hands on cinematic travel and documentary films. Apart from filming, I’m a VFX artist. I work as the head of CG at Dejavu, a film production company based in Dubai Media City.

I have always been passionate about camera and related gears. Recently got inspired from few travel films seen on internet and decided to try my hands on filming. Good results and appreciation from few people motivated me to take up filming seriously.

My dream of travelling to Varanasi came true when Photowalk Dubai announced their workshop along with APF. Though I knew that it was a photography workshop, I still decided to be a part of the event, because what you learn in terms of composition from the workshop could also be applied in videography.

On my shooting process, I’m very improvisational and tend to do very little prep before shooting. I also don’t shoot alot, but finish with what i started and make work public. When I shoot, I will have a sort of checklist in my mind. I make sure I have enough content to create a story and flow. Apart from shoot, I also edit and colour grade all my films.

In terms of gear, I use easy and lightweight Sony A7s which has made life so much easier. I can stick almost any lens to it, shoot from day to night without worrying about low light performance. Great for run-and-gun all with clear and sharp images.

My goal is to create visually stunning short films with great production quality with absolutely minimal crew and cheap gears.”

Varanasi - Beyond Life: Amazing Short Movie By Aeyaz Hasn

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