Solid elegance, contemporary, minimalistic, simple but oh so beautiful, Sweden. Where nature changes during the year. Where the sun grows stronger and forces nature to grow back up again, where forests and fields sharpens their color splashes. Where the surface of the sea cracks open from the heavy ice. Where the cycle of nature takes place right in front of your eyes. Simple, but beautiful. Sweden.

Tobias Hägg is a Fulltime photographer/videographer born and based in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Passionate about adventures and to explore new places from a unique perspective. Tobias is a Founder of &

With a strive for perfection in all of his, work Tobias strives for a unique perspective of life and is on a constant chase for creative improvement. Tobias has produced, directed, and featured commercial content from all around the globe working closely with a wide variety of internationally acclaimed clients.

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