The legendary photographer Steve McCurry spoke to Phaidon while showing at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. In this video, he shares the stories behind some of his iconic photographs taken from around the world.

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Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Steve studied film at the university there and later started working for a local newspaper. After some years of freelance work, Steve decided to make a trip to India with a bag of clothes, some film rolls and started exploring the country, one of the greatest gift to a photographer through his camera.

After several months of travel he found himself crossing the famous border to cross Pakistan and from there he was smuggled into the country by some refugees there. Steve has changed his attire and grown his beard to mix well and remain undercover. This was the time he brought some of the first images of conflict in Afghanistan. This was the starting point for his expedition into the world of real photography, since then he has dominated the art and photography world through his spellbinding photographs.

Global recognition doesn’t strike the ordinary and Steve McCurry’s photographs are unique in every aspect. His portraits are iconic and one of the finest attribute as a photographer Steve finds his height in this genre of photography.

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