Hello, I’m Santiago Sepúlveda. Im technically not a photographer. I study Design so I may build the technical part as a designer, but photography has been like my souls hand since school, where I started to realize how interesting was to steal peoples souls with it. I didn’t knew it at that time obviously. I find it with time. I have been using those souls in different ways since then; sometimes I like to wait for them to sing their momentaneous reality with light, or when they see this thieve hand, I just stare and see them act their delusions, fears, dreams and happiness, their surprise or their anger concentrated in a small fraction of time, but remember! that image will be timeless, that moment will keep singing forever a different song for every person who see it.

The camera is more than simply a lens and some film behind. It’s a mirror for peoples mind eye. They are totally vulnerable and alone. They become another, not the social person who already knows how to interact, to say hi, how are you, bye; they do what their subconscious says and that tells me something about the person (“persona” means mask), and also and more important, creates an image of what they have never said. They can have a lot of attitude or fear to the camera, they can scream or stay calm, they can act a thousand masks. They all print mystery. That’s one of many many reasons I like what I do.


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