The world’s oceans, vast and mysterious, remain largely unexplored, with over 80 percent of their depths unseen by human eyes. For Laurent Ballesta, this hidden realm teems with captivating aquatic lifeforms. Armed with a keen eye and a passion for scientific discovery, the French photographer delves into the depths, capturing mesmerizing formations of fish, coral, and crustaceans. His lens focuses on their unique behaviors and individual traits: a robust crab adorned with barnacles, a cheerful colony of shrimp seemingly eager to greet, and a school of sharks circling their prey.

Trained as a marine biologist and a three-time winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award, Ballesta has been a contributing photographer for National Geographic since 2011. With a blend of artistic sensibility and scientific curiosity, he unveils the beauty of underwater life. Serving as the director of Andromède Océanologie for over two decades, Ballesta leads group dives through Gombessa Expeditions, driven by a passion for unraveling scientific mysteries, overcoming diving challenges, and capturing unprecedented images of the deep.

Ballesta’s remarkable prints are available for purchase on his website, offering enthusiasts an opportunity to bring the wonders of the ocean into their homes. Additionally, a curated selection of his works can be found in his published books, allowing readers to embark on a visual journey into the enigmatic world beneath the waves.

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