French Photographer Rehahn made his 12-day road trip to Northeast of Vietnam to cover unseen beauties. Please check these photographs and do visit his website for more amazing photographs from this trip.

About Rehahn

Born in 1979 in Normandy, France, Réhahn has always lived with a passion for travel and photography. For most people who travel to explore the beautiful sceneries, Réhahn travels to meet people and capture the most natural moment of those individuals he has encountered. It is only through these far away places that Réhahn learns of new cultures and most importantly, learns to take the photo in his very own special way.

The difference between Réhahn‘s photos from other portrait photographers is the random and natural moment, of which, he captures when spending his time to interact with the models. Réhahn’s photos leave viewers to imagine the story behind each moment because he wants viewers to discover for themselves the beauty of the photos.

You can find Rehahn on the Web:

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