In this post, we are showing the 50 stunning nature photographs selected among the #Nature2019 Photo Contest by AGORA images. You can vote your favorite photograph here.

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#1 Schwebefliege


Hoverfly in the German Alps’ summer meadows (A.Rosenthal/AGORA images)

#2 Majalengka views

Majalengka views

Farm lands in Argapura Majalengka, Indonesia (Abu Rizchi / AGORA images)

#3 Lunch time

Lunch time

Perfectly timed picture of a chameleon enjoying its lunch, Spain (Alejandro Ibañez / AGORA images)

#4 Purple storm

Purple storm

Dramatic storm clouds in Giesen, Germany (Alexander Plunze / AGORA images)

#5 The power of nature

The power of nature

Waterfall in Siquijor Island, Philippines (Carles Alonso / AGORA images)

#6 Berber in the desert

Berber in the desert

A Berber arranges his head scarf in the desert of Morocco (Carras/AGORA images)

#7 Campos de girasoles

#7 Campos de girasoles

Sunflower field in Spain (Cosmin Calin Dediu / AGORA images)

#8 Que bonita es la naturaleza

Que bonita es la naturaleza

Diving in Menorca, Spain (Dan Florit/AGORA images)

#9 He is puffy

He is puffy

Puffin’s brightly coloured beak during the breeding season, Palma de Mallorca (Daniel Sampedro/AGORA images)

#10 Las adas del Ebro

Las adas del Ebro

Dragonflies on the shore of the Ebro river, Spain (David Gonzalez / AGORA images)

#11 Fantasy


Green landscape in Indonesia (Dikye Ariani/AGORA images)

#12 Flamingos


Flamingo sanctuary in La Guajira, Colombia (Danny Ospina/AGORA images)

#13 Never ending winding path

Never ending winding path

Magical path in the Bavarian countryside, Germany (Maximilian Dreher/AGORA images)

#14 Magnificent Cikanteh Waterfall

Magnificent Cikanteh Waterfall

Breathtaking shot of the Cikanteh waterfall, Indonesia (Endang Sulaeman/AGORA images)

#15 Owl


An owl is picking up its juicy breakfast on a tree branch, Myanmar (Saw Fabian/AGORA images)

#16 Sweet dreams

Sweet Dreams

Sleepy koala in Queensland, Australia (Fabien Portal/AGORA images)

#17 Hello babe

Hello babe

Yellow-striped slender tree skink in Indonesia (Faisal Achmad Taufik/AGORA images)

#18 First Light

First Light

Majestic Rakaposhi mountain, Pakistan (Fawad Malik/AGORA images)

#19 Crocodile


A crocodile is hunting for a prey in Malaysia (Felix/AGORA images)

#20 Sueño entre lavanda

Sueno entre lavanda

A little girl running through the fields of lavender in Guadalajara, Spain (Francisco Lopez-Serrano Baeza/AGORA images)

#21 Hut


Lonely hut looking over the sunrise in Indonesia (Galih Yoga Wicaksono/AGORA images)

#22 Sunrise


The sun is rising on the Kemuning Tea Gardens in Central Java, Indonesia (Gani Prastowo/AGORA images)

#23 Let’s wander where the wifi is weak

 Let's wander where the wifi is weak

Wonderful mountains of Kosovo (Gëzim Fazliu/AGORA images)

#24 Nature can be found in the greenery

Nature can be found in the greenery

Green snake hypnotizing look, India (Hareesh Veeragoni/AGORA images)

#25 New Skin

New Skin

A new life starting for this insect in Indonesia (Hendy Mp/AGORA images)

#26 The Horseshoe Bend of Europe

The Horseshoe Bend of Europe

Breathtaking aerial scenery from the Moselle Bend, Germany (Henry Do/AGORA images)

#27 Veins of earth

Veins of earth

(Hugo Healey/AGORA images)

#28 Colors are the smiles of nature

Colors are the smiles of nature

Waterfall in West Java, Indonesia (Sulistyo/AGORA images)

#29 Raw nature

Raw nature

Lunch time for these 3 cheetahs spotted during a safari (Jitu Jam/ AGORA images)

#30 Eyes of mountains

Eyes of mountains

Thermal springs of Pamukkale, Turkey (Jevgenijs Scolokovs/AGORA images)

#31 Soledad


The bipolarity of nature, Tembleque, Spain (Julian Nieves/AGORA images)

#32 Couple


A couple of snails in Myanmar (Kyaw Swar Myint/AGORA images)

#33 The stare

The stare

Kingfisher bird in India (Light Ray Photography/AGORA images)

#34 Seres irracionales, Razones animales

Seres irracionales, Razones animales

Peaceful horses in Asturias, Spain (Lydia Cuesta/AGORA images)

#35 Rati Gali lake

Rati Gali lake

Morning shot of the Ratti Gali Lake, an alpine glacial lake in Pakistan (Maqsood akhtar/AGORA images)

#36 Lavender dreams

Lavender dreams

When the nature turns purple, Spain (Manuel Subirats/AGORA images)

#37 Hoopoe bird family

Hoopoe bird family

Perfect timing of this Hoopoe bird’s lunch delivery, Myanmar (Naing Tun Win Bagan/AGORA images)

#38 Love


Young couple kissing under the Kanto Lampo waterfall, Indonesia (Nofianto/AGORA images)

#39 Top of the world

Top of the world

A scorpionfly standing alone on top of a mushroom (Imam Primahardy/AGORA images)

#40 Peaceful Like a river

Peaceful Like a river

Shot taken in Val Grande National Park, Italy (Rockson Armaah/AGORA images)

#41 Wild Nature

Wild Nature

Lighthouse crushed by heavy waves in Spain (Sergio Saavedra Ruiz/AGORA images)

#42 The Earth’s Biggest Puzzle

The Earth’s Biggest Puzzle

Cliffs of Swanage, UK (Konrad Paruch/AGORA images)

#43 Misty Morning

Misty Morning

Mist disappears slowly as the sun rises on Mount Bromo, Indonesia (Tian Abdul Hanip/AGORA images)

#44 Pla de l’Estany

Pla de l'Estany

Long exposure shot of Catalonian river, Spain (Tony Garnica Puentes/AGORA images)

#45 Rainbow Reine

Rainbow Reine

Double rainbow shining over norwegian shores (Paal Uglefisk/AGORA images)

#46 Omanawa falls

Omanawa falls

Breathtaking waterfall in New Zealand (Victor de Valles/AGORA images)

#47 Naturaleza inmensa

Naturaleza inmensa

Self portrait surrounded by the immensity of forest trees, Spain (Wilmer Valdez Hinojosa/AGORA images)

#48 Winterwunderland


Snow angel in the making, Germany (Perry Wunderlich/AGORA images)

#49 Roca grossa

Roca grossa

Sunset over Roca Grossa cove in Calella, Costa Brava (Xavi Carrión/AGORA images)

#50 Waterfall


Indonesian waterfall (Yudi Kristianto/AGORA images)

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