Fan Ho (1931–2016) is a China-born photographer, film director, and actor. He spent his early years in Shanghai, where he began taking photographs after receiving his first camera at the age of fourteen. He moved to Hong Kong in 1949, and from the 1950s onwards gained considerable attention for his striking photographs of everyday life in Hong Kong.

This is a four-minute video, but his words are very insightful. Please see the video and inspire yourself. Click on the Caption for Subtitles in English.

I really like these below words from this interview.

“I prefer black and white photographs, it’s not that I don’t take color photographs. Colors do not fit well in my world, black and white offer me a distance. A kind of distance from real life, I think this distance is very important. Real-life is multicolor black and white offers a sense of detachment it allows audiences and viewers to develop their responses and offers the space and depth to ponder and contemplate my ideas.”

“Good photographs are not taken with the camera. They come with your eyes, your brain, your heart, and not with some piece of equipment.”

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