“It’s all in your head“ was shot during the lockdown-days in 2020.
A couple of days before I purchased an old Rolleiflex 3.5c and I’m still in love with this magic thing, so no virus can’t discourage me from shoot 🙂

I want to shot a slightly spooky-series of portraits with my stepdaughter “Alva” so she put on some black clothes and these white gloves and we stopped at 4 spots in the near distance. All spots are located on my jogging-route around our country-side home. It took us about 2 hours to shot 24 medium-format images (2 films).

Usually, I shoot hundreds digitally during my shootings but this time I really slow down. The series at it is published wasn’t really planned, except for some single images like the ones with the mirror and the chained hands. But after developing the films it made up a story in my head and I always thought about the song “it’s all in her head” from the Dead Rabbits/music is always inspiring to me.

Little things were missing, so I added three more images (the one with the statue and bird, the fire, and the white alpaca-costume (laugh)) which I’ve taken shortly before and after the main series to the series to tell a fuzzy story.

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