Lee Jeffries shouldn’t be an unknown person for you if you are a photographer and that too with the likes of portraiture. Lee explains that more often mails do pour in his inbox asking about his camera and how does he get that black background in his photographs and there would be people asking would he like them as assistants. Lee continues that he sees himself in these, the way he was 7 yrs ago looking for quick success asking similar questions to photographers he admired. For him it was fresh, his mind washed and he has revealed in the art for the first time in life. That thirst for success.

He feels that technical aspects are very much fundamental for any vocal but above all passion has its say. One cannot teach it, the thing has to happen and it is always through the beautiful experiences one overcomes it.

Lee was in Love that time, it just happened to him. Feeling the beautiful sense of faith and compassion, unknowingly he took pieces from her, which he preserves till date. For Lee, this is much more than that not just a document of life of a homeless person.

Finally, he quotes, Everybody wants to be a photographer. Open your heart and you may just get your wish.

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