It is undeniable that we live in a digital age. For a fact, photography has been one of those genres that have undergone quite a dramatic transformation in the last few decades.

The overwhelming majority of photographs are captured with digital cameras. Additionally, we use our computers and mobile phones to consume photographs most of the time.

But… how about paper?

When was the last time you held a photography book or a photo print in your hands?

Introducing FRAMES Magazine: The Best Photography Delivered To Your Doorstep


Friday, September 18th 2020 marks quite a special day on the contemporary photography publishing scene. My good photography friend Tomasz Trzebiatowski, is launching a quarterly printed photography magazine. Yes, printed. On paper. And it is looking wonderful.

What is pretty unique about this new publication is the fact that FRAMES Magazine embraces all possible photography genres and formats. Each quarterly edition of FRAMES will feature the work of photographers using digital and analogue cameras, mobile phones, even pinhole cameras.

“Excellent photography belongs on paper” – that’s Tomasz’ motto. The common denominator connecting all the images being printed in FRAMES is simply their visual quality and inspiring, thought-provoking character.

The magazine itself is looking gorgeous. In essence, it is a top-notch, quarterly photography book, printed the wonderful 140gsm uncoated Edixion Challenger offset paper manufactured using 100% ECF pulp. Each edition consists of 108 pages (!).

Introducing FRAMES Magazine: The Best Photography Delivered To Your Doorstep

Introducing FRAMES Magazine: The Best Photography Delivered To Your Doorstep

Introducing FRAMES Magazine: The Best Photography Delivered To Your Doorstep

FRAMES is off to a good start. In the first edition you can see the work of such acclaimed artists as Michael Kenna and Phil Penman as well as some great photography by less known, emerging photographers such as Robert Atwater, Olga Karlovac, Yalim Vural, and Curtis Salonick. What’s more, the first issue also includes two in-depth exclusive interviews with Magda Keaney (Senior Curator, Photographs, National Portrait Gallery in London) and Richard Tsong-Taatarii (photojournalist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune).

But that is certainly not all. When you become a FRAMES subscriber, you automatically get access to the entire suite of their digital offerings: FRAMES Digital companions, online Photography Masterclasses and the insider FRAMES Photo Community.

It seems like slide photography on a large format digital picture frame is set to become an impressive blend of printed and digital photography assets. Tomasz’s idea is to create a passionate international photography community with the magazine and its additional digital components as its hub.

You can become the member of FRAMES today for a monthly fee of $14 USD, benefiting from the early bird fee. Your membership will secure you annual access to 4 printed editions of FRAMES Magazine, 8 editions of FRAMES Digital Companions, 4 Photography Masterclasses and the private community and forums. Great value for your buck!

Without a doubt, FRAMES Magazine has every chance to become a collector’s gem. It is looking pretty exciting and impressive.

If you would like to start your FRAMES Magazine collection from its very first issue, ensure you become a FRAMES member by October 15th 2020. You can follow this link to check out their wonderful site and subscribe today.