No wonder these pictures made the cut to the final level of the most incredible competition held on the field of wildlife photography. Every picture here is a story in itself, incredible composition with excellent motion tributing to the sincerity and patience to the photographer behind the camera. These pictures show us why wildlife photography is tough and makes us chant that they are a result of hard work and extraordinary dedication. Stories with gentle humor and excellent surprising factor makes the viewer remember each moment here and brings a gentle smile upon us.

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‘Facebook Update’ by Marsel van Oosten

'Facebook Update' by Marsel van Oosten


‘Stretching’ by Stephan Tuengler

'Stretching' by Stephan Tuengler


‘Red Deer and Cranes’ by Marek Kosinski

'Red Deer and Cranes' by Marek Kosinski


‘Old Cloths’ by Claudio Contreras Koob

'Old Cloths' by Claudio Contreras Koob


‘One Eye On You’ by Mohammad Khorshed

'One Eye On You' by Mohammad Khorshed


‘Bad Hair Day’ by Gordon Illg

'Bad Hair Day' by Gordon Illg


‘Red Kangaroos at Waterhole’ by Theo Allofs

'Red Kangaroos at Waterhole' by Theo Allofs


‘Apex Predators’ by Justin Black

'Apex Predators' by Justin Black


‘Winter Hares’ by David Tipling

'Winter Hares' by David Tipling


‘Dantes Inferno’ by Karen Lunney

'Dantes Inferno' by Karen Lunney


‘Yellow-Necked Mouse’ by Carsten Braun

'Yellow-Necked Mouse' by Carsten Braun


‘Diamonds’ by Malgorzata Ksiazkiewicz

'Diamonds' by Malgorzata Ksiazkiewicz


‘Big Mouth’ by Adriana Basques

'Big Mouth' by Adriana Basques


‘Moonlight Climber’ by Alexander Badyaev

'Moonlight Climber' by Alexander Badyaev


‘Beechnuts Rhythm’ by Sandra Bartocha

'Beechnuts Rhythm' by Sandra Bartocha


‘Bat Festival’ by João Paulo Krajewski

'Bat Festival' by João Paulo Krajewski


‘Sea Lions Dreams’ by Christian Vizl

'Sea Lions Dreams' by Christian Vizl


‘Whats This’ by Peter Mather

'Whats This' by Peter Mather


‘Shoulder Check’ by Henrik Nilsson

'Shoulder Check' by Henrik Nilsson


‘Kings into the Dark’ by Stanley Leroux

'Kings into the Dark' by Stanley Leroux


‘King Penguins and Fur Seals’ by Denise Ippolito

'King Penguins and Fur Seals' by Denise Ippolito


‘Innocents Betrayed’ by Hilary O’Leary

'Innocents Betrayed' by Hilary O'Leary


‘Hide Away’ by Brittany Fried

'Hide Away' by Brittany Fried


‘Heavy Rain’ by Pierluigi Rizzato

'Heavy Rain' by Pierluigi Rizzato


‘Flirting Bearded Seal’ by Audun Rikardsen

'Flirting Bearded Seal' by Audun Rikardsen


‘Australian Sea Lion Pups’ by Michael Patrick O’Neill

'Australian Sea Lion Pups' by Michael Patrick O'Neill


‘Caiman Night’ by Luciano Candisani

'Caiman Night' by Luciano Candisani


‘Dawn Lift-Off’ by Jack Dykinga

'Dawn Lift-Off' by Jack Dykinga


‘Feel Safe’ by Juan Carlos Mimó Perez

'Feel Safe' by Juan Carlos Mimó Perez


‘Ladybird Spider’ by Carsten Braun

'Ladybird Spider' by Carsten Braun


‘Las Fauces de la Noche’ by Juan Jesus Gonzalez Ahumada

'Las Fauces de la Noche' by Juan Jesus Gonzalez Ahumada


‘Leaping Gentoo Penguin’ by Paul Souders

'Leaping Gentoo Penguin' by Paul Souders


‘Move!’ by Gerry Pearce

'Move!' by Gerry Pearce


‘Pure Magic’ by Raviprakash S S

'Pure Magic' by Raviprakash S S


‘Shoaling Reef Squid’ by Tobias Bernhard

'Shoaling Reef Squid' by Tobias Bernhard


‘Sentry Duty’ by Neil Aldridge

'Sentry Duty' by Neil Aldridge


‘Helical’ by Frederic Brioris

'Helical' by Frederic Brioris


‘Too Big But So Tasty’ by Alain Ghignone

'Too Big But So Tasty' by Alain Ghignone


‘View of Tokyo’ by Olivier Puccia

'View of Tokyo' by Olivier Puccia


‘Barracuda Swirl’ by Alexander Mustard

'Barracuda Swirl' by Alexander Mustard


‘Great Peacock Moth Caterpillar’ by Leela Channer

'Great Peacock Moth Caterpillar' by Leela Channer


‘Piraputangus’ by Adriana Basques

'Piraputangus' by Adriana Basques


‘Startled by Stargazer’ by Jennifer Jo Stock

'Startled by Stargazer' by Jennifer Jo Stock

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