Renowned photographer Vincent Laforet captured New York city at Night from 7,500 Feet above. Not quiet often you come across photographers who wants to shoot their city from a breath taking altitude of 7.5k and here we have Vincent Laforet.

When we closely look at these photographs, it is hard for us to single out on one awe inspiring concept. Yes, the photographer has shown us what mesmerizes him more at such high altitude. The lights drawn out and those distinct lines formed across the horizon makes you wonder about how far this mankind has come along.

Titled Gotham 7.5K, the photos were shot on assignment for Men’s Health Magazine for an article about psychology. Laforet proposed shooting from an unusually high altitude to capture the lines formed by the streets of NYC at night, which remind him of “brain synapses.” After finding a helicopter pilot willing to fly at such a crazy altitude, the photographer had to work with him to plan flight paths and obtain special clearances to fly above airline traffic landing at airports.

Behind the Scene Video by David Geffin

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